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Keynote Speaker

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Fighter Pilot - Pierre-Henri “Até” Chuet

Location: Online/Onsite
Group size: No limit
Duration: 1-2 Hour
Language: English / French

The unforgiving environments of naval aviation & combat have a lot to teach the civilian world of business!


  • Decision making
  • Stress management
  • Project management
  • Continuous learning

Keynote Speaker 

TedX Toulouse in 2019.

French-Canadian, “Até” is a former athlete and fighter pilot turned Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Airline Pilot.
Flying fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers in the French Navy for over a decade he had what you might call an intense career:

He flew day & night combat operations in Iraq, displayed in airshows in Europe in front of 110 000 people and instructed the new generation on the Dassault Rafale.

With over 2500 hours of flight time and 200 carrier landings, he flew numerous combat missions providing support to troops (including Canadians) on the ground.

During his career, he faced emergencies, had to take life or death decisions, and led young pilots into combat. He got the cross for military valour for his actions in combat.

Now a pilot for Air Canada “Até” shares the methods he used to survive in fast jets with the corporate world as a Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Consultant.

He uses Virtual Reality flight simulators in some of his high Executive workshops enabling them to get out of their comfort zone and learn a lot about themselves in just a couple of hours.

Former triathlon, duathlon, and precision flying French national team competitor he also holds strong expertise in mental preparation, communication, and stress management.

The right stuff: the ultimate leadership test

When two pilots close at 3000km/h at 50.000 feet above the ground before pulling 10gs there is simply no room for error or inefficiency. 

To survive and be efficient in combat fighter pilots have to make the most out of every single mission, every single day of their career. 

Pilots learn from their mistakes and constantly strive for perfection. They manage their team members efficiently and take decisions at Mach 2. 

How would you perform?

Strap to your seat as the half-day experience starts with a thirty minutes keynote conference tailored to your industry and company. Following a Q&A you will then form groups and start thinking as pilots in command.

We will go through a combat mission in enemy territory, from the HR and training side to the mission planning. From start up to air to air refueling or leadership decision you will be challenged in a role play of a unique type.

All the situations we will face and study has been lived in combat by “Até”. But the good news is that if he is still here today, you might manage to survive the flight too!

«Até» est toujours actif dans l’industrie aéronautique, en tant que pilote qualifié dans le Boeing 737MAX d’une grande compagnie aérienne.



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