Your team challenge, sporty and unusual!

Location: Luxembourg (Flexible)

Time: 2-4 hours 

Groupe size: 12-60

Let’s have unusual Sport tournament with our special TEQBALL tables. Your teams will be formed in order to initiate each turn, to the various activities proposed. In this challenge, your teams will be able to play and compete in the following sports:

The tournament is mobile, in fact, it will be able to take place both indoors and outdoors. Be assured to spend an unusual time and discover another way to learn about a team sport.

Our team will animate the tournament in a good mood and count the number of points obtained by each group. Players will have to show team cohesion to be the most successful at this challenge.

Practicing 3 different sports on a table? This becomes possible with the new Teqball concept, a foldable table that allows you to learn different sports.

Attention : team spirit, lightness and fun are the key for this activity!

Benefits :

  • Team Cohesion
  • Team Spirit
  • Challenge & Fun
  • Light Sport

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