Jan Junius


BASED: Luxembourg
MUSIC STYLE: House Music


Yann (born in 1990) grew up in a musical environment due to some of his family members. This can explain his unconditional love for music, an expression of his soul.

At the age of 17, Yann has discovered electronic music and its scenery. It was the beginning of a burgeoning love affair. Never before Yann felt such community, such unison between people. Giving back this feeling to the crowd as a dj is his biggest joy.

Yann is now doing his first steps in the scene, keep an eye on him. He has already played at several venues such as Melusina, Marx, Jakob's and other bars in Luxembourg City.

Expect HOUSE MUSIC with a great variabilty: Sometimes groovy, sometimes deep or soulful, sometimes funky and pumpy

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