Wine Casino

WINE CASINO / Team Building

Duration: Approx. 2 - 2:30 hours
Group Size: 10-50
Location: Flexible

This is a competitive spirit, we offer a Poker Texas Hold'em tournament "where participants will clash on several tables run by professional croupiers”.

A software manages the tournament by computer and transmits the various information on a large screen so that everyone can be aware of the situation of other competitors, which is still mounting pressure…

After each defined period, a few players change tables, which has the effect of making the game more collective with more competition and fun in a friendly atmosphere. The last two finalists will be rewarded with nice bottles of wine!

With the help of our Sommelier, we suggest you taste our exclusive wine from the different region all around a world. This Tasting is accompanied by a quiz to implement the guests at the game. This activity can be followed by a cocktail buffet or dinner table to complement your evening.

Key Facts:

  • Competition
  • Share sensory Experiences
  • Team Cohesion
  • Motivate
  • Fun


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