Organizing, Carrying out the event of your choice, that's our mission!

  Organizing an event is an adventure, creative and alive. Its success stays on an outstanding concept, a quality product and a strong and well-managed team as well as well-targeted communication and serious management.
We provide different services with different budget. Depending of your needs, we can provide you a package with the following services included: 
  • Venues (Castle. private Event Room, Restaurant, Club, Hotels, ..)
  • Entertainment (Different animation, DJ, musician, Live artists, typical dance show depending of the theme...)
  • Hostess
  • Decoration, Light & Sound system
  • Catering & Barbecue
  • Photographer and Cameraman
  • Visual & Video Projection
  For more details, please feel free to contact our planning service, we take pleasure in finding a solution for you. The proposal is free of charge!