Online Team Building Is Essential

Working from home can be lonely, disengaged, and unproductive, or it can be the polar opposite. The importance of virtual team building lies in the fact that it serves as a catalyst for a more optimistic outcome. Organizations that invest in virtual team building have more innovative, communicative, and efficient workforces, which gives them a significant competitive advantage.

Teams that play together, stay together. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Brothers Events has created several new remote and online team building concepts. These digital team building activities will help your team to stay connected and also have fun together.

100% Online Murder Mystery. Not Your Average Zoom/Webex Meeting! Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

The Online Quiz will begin online in an interactive live room via Zoom, Webex. Whether you are with a small or large group, this quiz is always a success. Especially in these times when meeting physically is difficult, this online quiz can be the ideal solution.

The Pegasus Project is an online escape game strongly focuses on collaboration and working well together. Perfect for an 100% remote team building session.

Online Teambuilding Challenge ''Project Arrow'' is a remote online game that can be played with any streaming device from 8-500 participants. This is the perfect solution to be able to offer your clients a unique team building activity during, and after the COVID-19 lockdowns/ restrictions.

Remote Team Building - 100% Online Photo Scavenger Challenge is a fun and very engaging Indoor/outdoor game! The idea is that participants can play from home, office, or anywhere else during this current social distancing period.

The unforgiving environments of naval aviation & combat have a lot to teach the civilian world of business! “Até” flew fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers in the French Navy for a decade. He flew day and night combat operations in Iraq, has flown airshows in Europe and instructed on the Dassault Rafale.

Socially distanced. We deliver the drinks packages to your home or office - Make the challenge 100% Online!