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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Posted by: salahadm2018
Category: Team Building Luxembourg, Indoor Activities

Team Building 

Venue:  Flexible
Group: 40 - 100+
Duration: 2 Heures

Every team is responsible for the success of the full chain!

Think of the following situation: a little ball rolling through a tube, hits a car, the car moves and topples over some video cassettes, the last videocassette falls on a switch, the switch activates a record player, etc. Exactly… a chain reaction.

How it works:

The chain reaction is a particularly creative team building where the whole team pursues the same common goal: the construction of the longest and most creative chain reaction.

The mission:

We divide the groups into several tables. Each group must create a chain reaction on their table. However, each team must communicate with both previous and subsequent tables, as all chains must be connected to each other. Therefore, internal/external communication is necessary to carry out the mission! We arrive with a whole bunch of equipment. We've even thought of items that wouldn't have crossed your mind. We love to see your creativity at work. The success of this mission depends on teamwork, communication, strategy and time management. 

Key Facts

  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Team Cohesion
  • Problem Solving
  • Fun
  • Challenge


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