Composition and origin of the group:

-Antoine: Guitare & bass +voix 
-Orazio: Batterie
-Aude: voix principale
-Steve: Guitare & bass + voix 

Musical influences: Cool jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock, Zouk, Latin, Reggae, Afro.

In re-visiting of styles with a "sound" and a way to fix its own musically, the group ChicPlanet has no trouble convincing his audience as by the quality of  interpretation in the choice and diversity its repertoire, it connects non-stop throughout an evening of progressive and studied the need for the event he has to charge to lead.

It is in a fast pace of touring across France and neighboring countries: France, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain ... (over 150 dates per year) that the group is forging an identity and experience all events, becoming a must-have trendy nightclubs evenings and piano bars, or gala evenings of prestige for the company event.

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