Aerial CUBE & SILK show by Jensen

The kindest slides in an oversize cube by air produces such a fantasy picture from light and shade that times all hardly still it be takes the memento and pirouettes, which the artist at straps implements.

These singular, modern presentations can be combined to a strong & elegant air-to-surface acrobatic or be demonstrated in three (3) individual acts, which can be realized and/or used in almost all kinds of shows! (Even on smaller stages and without the momentum part – with low height and place – the presentations keep the impression.)

All presentations of the aerial acts can be changed depending upon cause and requirements exactly after your conceptions, for example music, costume, trick sequence... .

And the performance duration reaches from 6 to 12 min.

Booking options:

- Aerial SILK only (app. 1x 6-7 minutes)

- Aerial CUBE only (app. 1x 6-7 minutes)

- Aerial CUBE & SILK in combination (app. 2x 6 minutes or 1x 8-10 minutes)

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