David Goldrake 

David Goldrake is synonymous with exquisite, high concept magic. Tailored, handsome and versatile, David’s fluency in six languages allows him to connect with audiences across the globe.

A master of magical arts, David has the skill and the charisma to tailor his show for any venue.
David’s style is characterized by his spiritual and physical adroitness. His presentations offer a blend of dance and martial arts elements to emphasize the powerful character of this artist and the vigor of his show.

His natural ease and elegance allow David to take his audiences on a stunning journey of the senses, seen through a hall of mirrors in which the boundaries of imagination are constantly transcended.

His debonair way and his mysterious charm have made him the most sought after artist for the high society and aristocracy of his home country, Luxembourg. Yet his finesse and savoir-faire inspire audiences - including many famous names - far beyond his home base.

A regular performer at the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, he has presented his full-evening parkour

show and grand illusion spectacle to standing ovations the world over, making David Goldrake a major rising star of magic.

Be it in a small venue or large theater, David Goldrake will keep you spellbound from the moment he says, “Hello” or “Bonjour” or “Hallo”…
David unites the ancient traditions of the magic arts with his own modern style and thereby manages to create unique wonders in a new dimension.

Mentalism Show :

When the magician becomes a storyteller In intimate surroundings, David takes you on an amazing timeless voyage into the world of magic. His show represents an enchanting encounter between an artist and his audience.

David relates how magic was in bygone days and invites the audience to experience the wonders of today’s magic. The show features the phenomena of mentalism, a speciality of sleight-of-hand magicians that has its origins in spirit

dualist séances in the 19th century.

David creates the perfect balance between classic magic and an eye-catching, bravura display of the tricks of mentalism. See the world through the eyes of a magician and become an actor in a show you will never forget.

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