The folklore of Tahiti and all the Pacific islands has the power to dream ... The image that immediately comes to our mind at the mention of the name "Tahiti" is that of a small island lost in the world. ocean, with some coconut trees in the middle, and that of the haunting smile of a pretty "vahine" with bare breasts ... In the same setting, the ladies will imagine a handsome warrior with a muscular and tattooed body.

The Heiva i Tahiti troupe transports you to this dream world.

Heiva i Tahiti means "the party" in Tahitian. Polynesians have the innate sense and naturally show their joie de vivre. They communicate their good humor instantly, their kindness subjugates you and takes you to their paradise at the end of the world. By inviting them to your event, you will give happiness to all guests that you will invite to your party.

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