Singer, Songwriter, composer
BASED: Luxembourg

French singer , songwriter and composer from an Italian mother and a French father ( of Martinican origin). She began her career as a singer as the age of 16.

Hell-y worked as a background singer in recording studios and sang in several clubs and piano bars in Lorraine.
She worked as a background singer on the album IMA of the Zairean singer Mazé Moké ( African influences and funk jazz) and performed with the group at the Printemps de Bourges Festival representing the Lorraine Region.

Member of the group Real Joy in 1995, with whom she got a record deal with Energy Productions ( Rome-Milan , Italy) with the single "La danse d'Hélène". In 1998 she recorded the song " Green free land" , soundtrack trailer of the movie "Voglio stare sotto al letto " produced by Cecchi Gori.

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