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Category: Team Building Luxembourg, Indoor Activities

Format: Indoor Activity
Group: 10 to 50 people
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Flexible
Language: English/French


How It Works?

The workshop is dynamic and interactive, aiming to boost collaboration, communication, and creativity within your team. Through selected exercises, participants develop key skills like active listening, teamwork, and spontaneity. They gain insights into their communication styles, learn to support and build on each other's ideas, and leave the workshop energized, connected.

The Mission:

This Team Building session can be tailored to accommodate any number of participants and held at your chosen conference or event venue, transforming it into a hub of creativity and engagement. Guided by expert improvisation animators who present the scenario to the team, every participant gets the chance to be both a performer and a spectator, fostering interactive experiences. The session culminates in a group created improvised performance, delivering a rich blend of emotions, fresh experiences, and abundant laughter.

What can you expect?

  • Team Spirit
  • Self confidence
  • Team Cohesion
  • Icebreaker
  • Fun

    Sample Program

    17:00 – 17:05 Arrival of participants
    17:05 – 17:15 Presentation & Teams
    17:15 – 19:00 Team Improvisation


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