Lighting Juggler

The lighting juggling act has been created by Vincent MEZIERES, French Juggler.

This act has been performed in several countries all over the world. for a large type of events.

Vincent MEZIERES is performing as professional international juggler since ten years now.


The character is fully illuminated by leds and neon effects and juggle with special lighting rings, programmable balls and clubs and some amazing pois.

The juggling items are using the latest technologies of leds.
Choregraphical movements are mixed with stunished juggling tricks in order to deliver to the audience an explosion of colours and forms.

Duration of the act : 7 min or 5 min if the ceiling is 2m80 (the minimum height)

Technical needs:

Daylight should be totally masked in the venue
The ceiling required height is minimum 3m50 (11

inches) minimum from the stage level.
Surface : 5m x 3m (15 feet x 9 feet)
Sound and Lightning system

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