Strings, keyboards and angelic voices electrify the audience. An unusual and exclusive blend that immerses us in a surprising musical perspective, a unique and fascinating spectacle for the audience.

Asteria are an electric string quartet comprised of four elegant, glamorous girls who are musically trained at the highest level, and graduates of London’s top musical conservatoires.

Building facades, event halls, arenas, stadiums, shopping centers offer space for our «Extreme Drumms» team to perform. The spectators will then experience live surround sound in a new, exorbitant show.

David Goldrake is synonymous with exquisite, high concept magic. Tailored, handsome and versatile, David’s fluency in six languages allows him to connect with audiences across the globe. A master of magical arts.

Jay Witlox - It all started with the passion of his grandfather for the magic...Already little Jay was fascinated by the art of illusion, whether small or large illusions.

We invite you to discover the magic from a different angle! A show of illusions modern and efficient, cleverly mixing emotion, humor and mystery to the audience to live a moment they can not forget.