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31 Aug
Team building -Green Steps
Green Steps

The Earth is what we all have in common. Global warming has a significant impact on it. It is time for us to take green steps and reduce our CO2 emissions. Brothers Events wants to gamify environmental awareness. As a result, we came up with a new game concept that may be suitable for your event.

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26 Apr
The Secret Mission Team Game

Get ready for a passionate race against time. A 2 to 3-hour outdoor adventure combining treasure hunt with GPS and Live Escape Game, all enhanced with augmented reality sequences, mini-games on iPad and playful puzzles that immerse themselves in the places where you will go.

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26 Apr
The Magic Portal

Find the guardian of the secret portal that binds their magical world and ours, and unite your powers to save our world by repelling them. Solve puzzles and collect crystals to permanently close the portal between the two worlds... before it's too late!

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26 Apr

Des créatures maléfiques sont entrées dans notre monde ! Trouvez le gardien du portail secret qui lie leur monde magique et le nôtre, et unissez vos pouvoirs pour sauver notre monde en les repoussant. Résolvez des énigmes et collectez des cristaux afin de fermer définitivement le portail entre les deux mondes... avant qu'il ne soit trop tard !

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07 Oct
Cocktail online team building
Cocktail Challenge

Our experienced bartenders will teach you how to make fantastic cocktails, and we'll pick the best mixologists from your group.

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09 Nov
Murder Mystery Luxembourg 0010
Online Murder Mystery

100% Online Murder Mystery. Not Your Average Zoom/Webex Meeting! Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

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30 Oct
Quiz time Team building
Online Quiz

The Online Quiz will begin online in an interactive live room via Zoom, Webex. Whether you are with a small or large group, this quiz is always a success. Especially in these times when meeting physically is difficult, this online quiz can be the ideal solution.

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30 Oct
Source: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock
Digital Course Solution

Digital Course Solution / Digital Learning With our DCS ”Digital Courses Solution”, you’ll be able to meet the needs of the modern-day workforce by delivering on-the-go micro-learning that perfectly matches your employees’ existing mobile learning habits. Online/Remote or in person classes Engaging training courses Multiple content formats to deliver to all team members Quiz on...

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30 Oct
Online Escpae Game
Online Escape Game

The Pegasus Project is an online escape game that strongly focuses on collaboration and working well together. Perfect for a 100% remote team building session.

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07 May
Online Team Building Game
Project Arrow

Online Teambuilding Challenge ''Project Arrow'' is a remote online game that can be played with any streaming device from 8-500 participants. This is the perfect solution to be able to offer your clients a unique team building activity during, and after the COVID-19 lockdowns/ restrictions.

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30 Apr
Photo Scavenger Challenge

Remote Team Building - 100% Online Photo Scavenger Challenge is a fun and very engaging Indoor/outdoor game! The idea is that participants can play from home, office, or anywhere else during this current social distancing period.

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25 Sep
Murder Mystery party Pic1
Murder Mystery

A murder has occurred, and the investigators will require your assistance to solve the crime. If you want to sleep in your own bed tonight, you need put yourself to work!

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16 Sep
Saber J Pic2
Saber J

Saber found the right format able to satisfy his hunger for different kind of music, from urban music, commercial to the House music.

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16 Sep
lars-hellers pic2
Lars Hellers

Lars likes to work on the purely technical aspect: USB, vinyls instead of only computer. His influences are Disco, Nu Disco, Deep House, House, Progressive House, Electro and Techno.

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05 Apr
Bambou – Build it up!

Build it together and grow your teams! Your team can play at your venue, outdoors or outdoors. The collaboration, the direction, the inventiveness, timing, deadlines, are just a few key concepts for this very dynamic team building.

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27 Mar
Gipsy Kings Coverband

This is for your Spanish knight! Live performance of the Trio Los Payos. Fiesta Espanola! Live Music with the Hits of the Gipsy Kings.

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07 Jan
Dreaming Violin Quartet 01
Dreaming Violin

Strings, keyboards and angelic voices electrify the audience. An unusual and exclusive blend that immerses us in a surprising musical perspective, a unique and fascinating spectacle for the audience.

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14 Dec
Escape Mobile team Game
Mobile Escape Game

We bring the Escape Game to you. Are you ready to save the world? Be prepared for an exciting race against the clock. Two hours indoor adventure at the venue of your choice.

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26 Nov
Chain Reaction- team building pic4
Chain Reaction

Think of the following situation: a little ball rolling through a tube, hits a car, the car moves and topples over some video cassettes, the last video cassette falls on a switch, the switch activates a record player, etc. Exactly… a chain reaction.

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16 Nov
TED-Pierre-Henrie-Chuet pic2
Keynote Speaker

The unforgiving environments of naval aviation & combat have a lot to teach the civilian world of business! “Até” flew fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers in the French Navy for a decade. He flew day and night combat operations in Iraq, has flown airshows in Europe and instructed on the Dassault Rafale.

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14 Nov

The high-level illusion of the biggest Swedish legend, was formed in 1999.  Their first success was not long in coming. After only a short time found themselves in Spain, they traveled throughout the south-west coast of Europe.

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16 Oct
Hell-y press pic

French singer , songwriter and composer from an Italian mother and a French father ( of Martinican origin). She began her career as a singer as the age of 16.

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13 Jun
The Quick Change Show

Let yourself and your guests be enchanted by the full of magic quick change show - with the fastest fashion show in the world, Jennifer Martinez and Maxim Maurice.

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09 Mar
Mickael Clement pic2
Mickael Clement

Mickael began his career on the radio in 1988, and we quickly confide his own musical program. First MAGNUM LA RADIO in Vittel, then on M40 and NRJ.

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21 Feb
Charleston CDF :2
Gatsby – The Charleston

The Charleston is a dance named for the harbor city of Charleston, South Carolina. The rhythm was popularized in mainstream dance music in the United States by a 1923 tune called "The Charleston" in the Broadway show Runnin' Wild ...

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12 Sep
The Magic Trick Challenge

It's up to you! In turn, colleagues will come to present their magic creations in team to the whole group. See how magic can enhance teamwork, patience, focus, risk-taking, and problem-solving.

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11 Sep
Popup cocktail party
Online Cocktail Making

Socially distanced. We deliver the drinks packages to your home or office - Make the challenge 100% Online!

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21 Aug
Quizz Dinner 001
Quiz Dinner

Your teams compete around an interactive quiz on the big screen. The game is run by a Quiz Master to make the challenge even more fun. Ready for the challenge?

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21 Aug

Mikka is an award winning Luxembourg based artist and photographer. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg and other countries since 1997. He is the first non-Luxembourger to receive the prestigious Prix Grand Duc Adolphe.

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09 Jun
dancing-popup party2
Pop Up Party

Pop Up Party is an exclusive event that you can book as a private reception, where you can celebrate and pass good times in unique ambiance.

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29 May
Petra Gries Pianist pic2
Petra Gries – Pianist

Petra is a classical trained Pianist and Church musician based in Germany. She was born in Völklingen, Germany. In the age of 7 she got Piano lessons by the cantor Mr. Hans-Josef Hümbert.

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11 May
domino challenge team event
Domino Challenge

Enjoy a magical moment as you topple over your first domino piece! The Domino Challenge is an activity that promotes the spirit of competition and team cooperation while having a lot of fun… Let's domino!

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21 Apr
Brothers Events Raft building pic1
Raft Building

Build a raft with your team is a real challenge! We provide the materials and the support, you build your own raft with your team and do a challenging race on the Lake.

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11 Jan
Excited friends gambling at craps table in casino
Casino Royal

You will enter into the world of gambling where you can chance your hand on our selection of Casino tables, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Craps.

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15 Nov
Sushi class by Brothers Events Luxembourg
Sushi Master

Experience the preparation, presentation and tating of sushi. This workshop is hands on and guaranteed to demystify the history and the art of sushi preparation with our Master Chef.

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11 Nov
Corporate DJ Workshop

Corporate DJ Workshop, at Skilz DJ Academy. You will discover the DJ world with your team and feel the feel of the gears. You will produce your own DJ mix, which will be recorded on a Video Podcast. Memories to last a lifetime!

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22 Sep
Escape Room 01
Escape Room

The game is an exciting race against the clock to escape in time. Originating from video games, in a Live Escape Game you are locked in a room where, with your team members, you need to explore and find clues/items to solve puzzles in order to escape within the time limit of one hour…

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19 Jul
Vintage Car Rally Luxembourg
Vintage Car Rally

Enjoy with all your senses these great moments and share your Happiness! Classic cars leave no one indifferent: Childhood memories for some of them, childhood dream for the others, aesthetic or listening pleasure…Along the roads and detours, hundreds of people will smile by showing gestures of sympathy…

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24 Jun
Team Rally
Team Rally

Make new friends at work! Team Rally in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere, which gives you the opportunity to know your colleagues outside the daily routine of work.

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13 Jan
GPS Orienteering
GPS Team Rally

The challenge helps participants to explore Luxembourg City's secret gems while also meeting our animators in various locations to play a variety of fun and challenging games. Your aim is to achieve full team cohesion and score as many points as possible!

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