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The high-level illusion of the biggest Swedish legend, was formed in 1999.  Their first success was not long in coming. After only a short time found themselves in Spain, they traveled throughout the south-west coast of Europe.

French singer , songwriter and composer from an Italian mother and a French father ( of Martinican origin). She began her career as a singer as the age of 16.

Let yourself and your guests be enchanted by the full of magic quick change show - with the fastest fashion show in the world, Jennifer Martinez and Maxim Maurice.

Mickael began his career on the radio in 1988, and we quickly confide his own musical program. First MAGNUM LA RADIO in Vittel, then on M40 and NRJ.

Defining Team Building metaphors inherent to drumming. Teams are given different musical responsibilities, underlining the different roles in business structure, and experience the synergy when compositions are brought together.

The Charleston is a dance named for the harbor city of Charleston, South Carolina. The rhythm was popularized in mainstream dance music in the United States by a 1923 tune called "The Charleston" in the Broadway show Runnin' Wild ...

Be prepared for an exciting race against the clock. An outdoor adventure of 2 to 3 hrs combining treasure hunt with GPS and Live Escape Game...

It's up to you! In turn, colleagues will come to present their magic creations in team to the whole group. See how magic can enhance teamwork, patience, focus, risk-taking, and problem-solving.

Cocktail making is a fantastic event in which participants will bond with their colleagues and tantalise their taste buds!

The Middle Ages Challenge. This is Grand Tournament at Malbrouck Castle, an immersion in the Middle Ages to fulfill your wish. This Team Building concept allows you to measure yourself against your colleagues.

The iPad Quiz is a modern interactive team building tool. For 20-250 people. In a few words: teams play against each other using one or more iPads. Questions are multiple choice, video questions, Photo questions but also challenges.

Mikka is an award winning Luxembourg based artist and photographer. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg and other countries since 1997. He is the first non-Luxembourger to receive the prestigious Prix Grand Duc Adolphe.

Pop Up Party is an exclusive event that you can book as a private reception, where you can celebrate and pass good times in unique ambiance.

Petra is a classical trained Pianist and Church musician based in Germany. She was born in Völklingen, Germany. In the age of 7 she got Piano lessons by the cantor Mr. Hans-Josef Hümbert.

Enjoy a magical moment as you topple over your first domino piece! The Domino Challenge is an activity that promotes the spirit of competition and team cooperation while having a lot of fun… Let's domino!

Build a raft with your team is a real challenge! We provide the materials and the support, you build your own raft with your team and escape from your challengers.

You will enter into the world of gambling where you can chance your hand on our selection of Casino tables, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Craps.

Experience the preparation, tasting and presentation of sushi. This workshop is hands on and guaranteed to demystify the history and the art of sushi preparation with our Master Chef.

Corporate DJ Workshop, at Skilz DJ Academy. You will discover with your team the DJ world and experience with us the feeling of the gears.

The game is an exciting race against the clock to escape in time. Originating from video games, in a Live Escape Game you are locked in a room where, with your team members, you need to explore and find clues/items to solve puzzles in order to escape within the time limit of one hour…

Enjoy with all your senses these great moments and share your Happiness! Classic cars leave no one indifferent: Childhood memories for some of them, childhood dream for the others, aesthetic or listening pleasure…Along the roads and detours, hundreds of people will smile by showing gestures of sympathy…

Make new friends at work! Team Rally in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere, which gives you the opportunity to know your colleagues outside the daily routine of work.

This mesmerising mime artist has toured his show across the [...]

Acrobatics performance. This is a performance art in which Liu [...]

Bike crossing Mullerthal! Enjoying the sights with a challenge in a beautiful region in Luxembourg. Since the 70s, mountain biking has known a great evolution and become an Olympic sport. Usually you differ between from cross-Country, down-hill, enduro and free riding but touring is the most popular form to discover a region...

A secret. Compromising a missing ring of the Marechal in 1705. A castle in the war of succession of Spain. This animation, both role play, treasure hunt and police investigation, plunge you into the age of Louis XIV and allow you to use all your thoughts capabilities.

We get yours teams to play together with our animators in different checkpoints where they need to succeed the games to reach a combined goal. GPS is simple to grasp, great fun to use and will really appeal to those who can't resist the challenging games!

Do you work in a team? Would you like to increase your team spirit ? Are you looking for an event unlike any other ? join our three-hours-teambuilding session based on theatrical improvisationDo you work in a team? Would you like to increase your team spirit ? Are you looking for an event unlike any other ? join our three-hours-teambuilding session based on theatrical improvisation

Yann (born in 1990) grew up in a musical environment due to some of his family members. This can explain his unconditional love for music, an expression of his soul.

BASED: Luxembourg MUSIC STYLE: Commercial Dance - Disco - House - Tech House

BASED: Luxembourg MUSIC STYLE: Old School - Club Classics - Pop - Commercial Dance - Disco - House Music

Challenge or fun? Maybe both…You will become the Cake Boss for a half-day with us!Challenge or fun? Maybe both…You will become the Cake Boss for a half-day with us!

Yes, this is a corporate dance off! Each team will work with a professional dance choreographer to come up with a 60 – 90 second dance routine.Yes, this is a corporate dance off! Each team will work with a professional dance choreographer to come up with a 60 – 90 second dance routine.

Exclusive culinary challenge in a special atmosphere! Every team has to create their own meal for the evening and each member has to participate, with or without cooking experience.

Teams follow the route laid out on their device and find the way to the wine tasting.

We test the talents of tasters and the oenological culture of the participants around a table of the Casino of the wines. We play Poker with no money only wine…

In chase of different exclusive restaurants through the city of Luxembourg where you will have a unique culinary experience.

Composition and origin of the group: Tony, Oliver, Melanie, Javier. Musical influences: Cool jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock, Zouk, Latin, Reggae, Afro.

Styl paradise has several options: Francesco Derrico with singer / guitarist with the golden voice, worthy of Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams and Gino Monachello a STAR on the guitar.

UK 70's Glam Rock Tribute Bands.Among those getting the "Glitz" treatment are; The Osmonds, Cockney Rebel, Status Quo, Sensational Alex Harvey Band together with glam icons, Slade, Sweet, Mud, T-Rex, Suzi Quattro.