Lars likes to work on the purely technical aspect: USB, vinyls instead of only computer. His influences are Disco, Nu Disco, Deep House, House, Progressive House, Electro and Techno.

This is for your Spanish knight! Live performance of the Trio Los Payos. Fiesta Espanola! Live Music with the Hits of the Gipsy Kings.

French singer , songwriter and composer from an Italian mother and a French father ( of Martinican origin). She began her career as a singer as the age of 16.

The Charleston is a dance named for the harbor city of Charleston, South Carolina. The rhythm was popularized in mainstream dance music in the United States by a 1923 tune called "The Charleston" in the Broadway show Runnin' Wild ...

Composition and origin of the group: Tony, Oliver, Melanie, Javier. Musical influences: Cool jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock, Zouk, Latin, Reggae, Afro.

Styl paradise has several options: Francesco Derrico with singer / guitarist with the golden voice, worthy of Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams and Gino Monachello a STAR on the guitar.

Originaire d'Allemagne, Karin Melchert conquis le Grand-Duché avec sa voix magnifique en moins d'une décennie.

Asteria are an electric string quartet comprised of four elegant, glamorous girls who are musically trained at the highest level, and graduates of London’s top musical conservatoires.

Building facades, event halls, arenas, stadiums, shopping centers offer space for our «Extreme Drumms» team to perform. The spectators will then experience live surround sound in a new, exorbitant show.

Because his name sounds like a medecine, he went into a hospital immersion. A month later, he released his own drug with side effects "desirable": the STRELZYK containing Paracétrodrôle.

Very best stilt walkers and stilt walking acts for any type of event. Whether your event is corporate, retail, festival, community, street, private, educational or promotional we can provide the right stilt walking acts for you.

The lighting juggling act has been created by Vincent MEZIERES, French Juggler. This act has been performed in several countries all over the world. for a large type of events.

Aerial CUBE & SILK show by Jensen. The kindest slides in an oversize cube by air produces such a fantasy picture from light and shade that times all hardly still it be takes the memento and pirouettes, which the artist at straps implements.

This is involving a multitude of color and dynamic effects on the bright costumes: 2500 multicolored LEDs come alive at the same time to the rhythm of music.

Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is often mistakenly referred to as dragon dance.

Beautiful and glamour, that the only review you can have on this show. A great choreography by beautiful and sexy dancers with glamour costumes represented by Paloma jazz.

HEIVA I TAHITI - The Show is representative of all the folklore of Tahiti and the Pacific Islands.

Professional Brazilian dancers with the best Latin & Brazilian Dance Show in luxembourg! Latin and Brazilian dance styles including Samba, SaSalsa, Afro Brazilian, Axé, Capoeira.

David Goldrake is synonymous with exquisite, high concept magic. Tailored, handsome and versatile, David’s fluency in six languages allows him to connect with audiences across the globe. A master of magical arts.

Jay Witlox - It all started with the passion of his grandfather for the magic...Already little Jay was fascinated by the art of illusion, whether small or large illusions.

We invite you to discover the magic from a different angle! A show of illusions modern and efficient, cleverly mixing emotion, humor and mystery to the audience to live a moment they can not forget.

Oui je suis ventriloque marionnettiste, je présente différents numéros soit pour un public d'enfants ou d'adultes sur scène ou en déambulatoire et sets de tables. Je suis également clown, mime charlot avec marionnette à fils.

Patricio will make you travel in a wonderful world under the sign of joy and good humor. It will transport you into a world burlesque and will offer quality entertainment that will allow children to have a good time.

Toff Clow et magie pour enfant. Parfait pour les anniversaire et fêtes pour enfants privée ou entreprise. Toff transporterales enfants dans un monde burlesque et et magic avec une animation de qualité.

The magician offers a colorful performance, worthy of the best shows for the kids. Appearance and disappearance of various objects. The show is with much humor in order get the interactivity with enfants.

Un spectacle de marionnette pour les plus petits (conseillé pour les 2 à +/- 5 ans) interactif qui les raviras par ses charmants petits personnages.

Cirque Workshop - A professional will be available to introduce children to the joys of the circus arts.

A professional makeup artist make drawings on the faces of children. Attraction's delight as the time of the afternoon, they become a work of ephemeral art.

Different Workshops depends of the party theme. Easels, small tables, chairs, brushes and colors will allow children to make their masterpieces in stone of their imagination. At the end of the activity, each of them will walk away with its creation.

Sam Skilz is from the generation of artists who breathe, eat and think house music. His unique blend of straight house, mixed with tech, driving bass lines and anthemic vocals, shape his trademark sound. Sam hit the spot #42 in TOP 100 House Artists Of The Year 2014 By TRAXSOUCE.

Over 20 years experience, NF is spins his favorite music (Disco, soulful and vocal house music), he has performed in the most popular Luxembourg clubs, bars and discotheques.

20 years of experience at different locations across Europe, spinning everything from salsa, disco, R&B to house music.

Miss Mad shines brightly as a true example of diligence. She is the personification of someone who genuinely possesses such traits and this is evident in her countless achievements in such a short time span. MUSIC STYLES: House - Tech House - Techno BASED: Luxembourg.

Mikka is an award winning Luxembourg based artist and photographer. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg and other countries since 1997. He is the first non-Luxembourger to receive the prestigeous Prix Grand Duc Adolphe.

The Beatles were the most successful act in popular music. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, also known as the Fab Four built their reputation in Liverpool in the early 60's.

CLAUDE FRANCOIS SUCCESS STORY recreates the musical atmosphere of the 60s and 70s with vivid interpretations of classics CLAUDE FRANÇOIS SUCCESS STORY. A musical revue full color where rhythm, choreography and the best years are present from beginning to end.